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Younes GHMIROU is a Poultry consultant / Business provider based in Morocco with more than 20 years in the poultry field; with a diploma of technician in poultry farming and a Bachelor degree in economic sciences;

Due to my contacts in the four corners of the world; I could weave relations everywhere, to have relations of contribution of business with international suppliers of confidence; for that I propose to my customers various raw materials; cereals for animal feed, for the human consumption, even of oil products and various other materials (Minerals - Frozen meats - Sugar - Oils...)

My first achievement was the creation of a web site -Poultry in Morocco- in 2008 which became a reference for the poultry sector. Poultry in Morocco is a web site that focuses on poultry news in Morocco and Africa; and also accompanies you in the realization of your poultry projects by the elaboration of personal studies adapted to your situation, and also the installation of your projects turnkey.


Concerning the international business and trading it is in 2020 that I could enter in relation with my various international suppliers who export raw materials and petroleum products.



Poultry: Over the years, I have developed a know-how in the different fields of poultry farming that I put at the service of my customers; my commitment is to succeed your project by providing all the necessary keys (Feasibility studies, Assistance, installation....)"


International Trade: I work with companies based in Egypt - Canada - Usa..Specialists in sourcing and exporting products worldwide who can exports :

- Petroleum products : Crude oil, Fuel, Diesel , Gaz , Sulfur......

- Cereals and inputs for animal feed and human consumption (Sugar; Wheat; Corn; Soybeans, ,,,) from Usa; Egypt; Russia; Brazil, Ukraine,,,,


For more information and contact:


Email: ghmirouy@gmail.com

Email: contact@avic-trading.com

GSM:+212 6 88 18 68 24

Watsap: +212 6 72622355



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