Commodities (Sugar IC45, Oils , Flour, Chicken,,,)

We also supply a wide variety of agricultural food products .

My partners and their product lines are synonymous with high quality and standard. We offer a wide variety of foods for human consumption such as IC 45 sugar, different types of oils, wheat flour, frozen meats.......


The five largest sugar producers are Brazil, India, the European Union, China and Thailand. At present, Brazil is currently the largest sugar-producing country in the world, Brazil has exported more than 20 million tons of sugar to other countries, which includes almost. 40% of the sugar marketed in the world that year. That, fluctuations in sugar production in Brazil alone can significantly affect world sugar prices.

But what does ICUMSA 45 actually mean?

ICUMSA - stands for - International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis. It is a worldwide organization which brings together the activities of the National Sugar Analysis Committees of more than thirty member countries. ICUMSA is the only international organization concerned solely with analytical methods for the sugar industry. The ICUMSA scoring method allows for a meaningful and accurate description of the product that can be easily understood by interested parties, no matter where they come from.

<Various Types of Refined and Crude Cooking Oils:

- Palm Oil

- Sunflower Oil

- Soybean Oil

- Canola Oil


<Various other products (frozen meats, wheat flour, etc.) :


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