Poultry consulting/ Business development

Avic-Trading is a service platform created by Younes GHMIROU; Poultry consultant for over 20 years in the poultry field; with my contacts all over the world; I was able to build relationships ..... Lire plus

Study of poultry projects

Technical and financial studies for poultry and dairy projects . Detail

Setting-up projects

Partnership with various suppliers for the equipment and installation of your poultry projectss Detail

Marketing and business development

Are you looking for customers or looking to sell a product?. Detail

Raw materials

My partners with its product lines are synonymous of high quality. Detail

Commodities (Sugar, Chicken, Oils, ...)

We supply and export the best food products (Sugar, Chicken , Oils...). Detail

Petroleum products

Our activity is also the market of petroleum products due of our connection to oil companies. Detail


Poultry Farming:" I share the conviction that Africa can feed its people and create jobs; by developing a sustainable and strong agriculture, including poultry farming "


Business : " I am committed to building long term partnerships with my clients because every client is the reason that I am in business and I will never forget that. I like to simplify the aspect of all sales and consulting services, in order to make the customer experience simple and transparent "